Drainage Design

Solving wet drainage areas on a golf course is not complicated. Our designs are fundamentally simple by designing the system so that the rain water gets in the pipe as soon as possible, and therefore does not spend time soaking into the soil.  Our drainage solutions are inexpensive to install and will improve a wet area 95%. At Van Cortlandt GC the par 5, 10th fairway was a nightmare. After a 1-2 inch rain, the carts would need to stay off the fairway and the fairway could not be mowed for 3 to 4 days. They had proposals to install a 6′ off center grid system at a cost of $150,000, which would have forced closure of the golf hole. We designed a system that was installed in 3 days that cost under $40,000. Two years ago after a 3 inch rain the carts were on the dry fairway the next morning and the fairway was mowed that day after lunch.

Stephen makes sure to visit a golf course when it is raining to see where the problems really exist. Here Stephen is marking with a flag there a catch basin needs to be.

Drainage pipe size for a golf course needs to be appropriate for the situation. Many use pipes too big – hence wasting money, drainage should not be an overly expensive project.